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Our Staff

Cheryl, Practice Manager


Cheryl began her career in business management in 1988 in both the insurance and health fields. She believes every patient should have a holistic and wonderful experience when tending to something as important as his/her vision. “I love the challenge of assisting in coming up with ideas on how to make each patient visit unique and tailored to their individuality.” Cheryl’s hobbies include oil painting, writing, and reading. With eight children and four grandchildren, it is amazing she finds the time!

Jenni, Coordinator of Patient Care


Jenni has been greeting our patients with her welcoming personality and humor for over 15 years! The enthusiasm she exudes with patients comes from her close family ties and the joy of spending time with her nephews and nieces. We’re lucky she chose the often rainy Willamette Valley over Hawaii, where she was born. Still aspiring to travel, her next destination of choice is Ireland. The warmth and energy she provides at Foley Vision Center continues to grow with new innovative ideas, inspiring not only our patients, but her co-workers as well.

Tina, Billing Administrator


Tina has been a cornerstone of Foley Vision Center for over 26 years, and in the field of optometry for 30. Her experience has garnered her a great deal of respect amongst Foley Vision Center’s patients. The warmth and kindness she feels for the patients is highlighted in the hard work she provides every day. When she isn’t giving her all at the office, she finds happiness in reading, playing with her cats, and participating in a good crawfish boil. She often brings her homemade sweets to the office for co-workers who are very appreciative! While happy in the emerald valley, she also very much relishes the salty breeze of the Oregon coast.

Hilery, Insurance Administrator


Hilery has been working at Foley Vision Center for over five years, and finds being part of such a great team to be the biggest plus to her everyday job. If you have insurance to bill for any of the services provided by Foley Vision Center, Hilery is more than likely the person who called to obtain your insurance benefits.  She can also be found keeping patients up to date on all the great current and new innovations coming your way on all of Foley’s social media sites. Away from the office she enjoys writing and spending time with her son, Max.

Amy, Specialty Services Coordinator


Amy has been an integral part of Foley Vision Center for over five years. Her team spirit helps to fire up the rest of the staff in their endeavors to provide ever-greater service to the patients. The strength she shows in being part of the Foley Vision Center group is a reflection of her strong family values, and the time she cherishes with her two daughters. When she isn’t in the office she’s taking in the beautiful Oregon scenery through the eye of a true photographer. Her kindness extends to those in the community who are living with disabilities.

Stevie, Optician


Stevie has been a part of Foley Vision Center for almost ten years. She is a driving force in so many corners of the practice, from finding patients the perfect fit to putting in that extra bit of effort to make sure we are providing the patients with the best options for their eye care. Her humor and warmth bring our patients comfort, as well as joy and confidence in their eye care choices. When not in the office you will find Stevie at home enjoying her husband’s home-cooked meals and precious time spent with her three children and two grandchildren.

Aubrey, Ophthalmic Testing Analyst


Aubrey has been an integral part of Foley Vision Center for over two years. As a technician, she is one of the first people to welcome our patients. She will remain with the patient throughout their entire exam. Meeting all these new individuals is what she likes most about her job. In her time away from the office, she shares a close bond with her family and takes inspiration in her mother’s hard work ethic. She is very active in sports, volleyball in particular, and hopes to one day travel to the Iguazu Falls in Brazil. 

Anna, Ophthalmic Testing Analyst

Anna has been with Foley Vision Center for over a year. She is a natural with the pediatric vision exams, and she enjoys making each experience exciting for kids. She likes to learn new facts about the eyes and enjoys the friendly atmosphere here at Foley Vision Center. Anna has an entrepreneurial side and was the owner of a local coffee shop two years ago. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and hanging out with her two dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Pomsky.

Marina, Optician

Marina has been with Foley Vision Center for over a year, and first started out as an ophthalmic technician before moving to the optical. She loves meeting and interacting with patients to help them find their best pair of glasses. Marina also wears scleral contact lenses and is an essential part to help Dr. Colter fit scleral lenses for patients. She likes learning about scleral lenses and doesn’t hesitate to put in her own to demonstrate for a new patient. She is an avid hiker, camper, and beachcomber and enjoys going on road trips with her dogs, Luna and Cooper. Marina hopes to road trip through every state one day and has been to 13/50 so far! She loves living in Oregon because she can see the snow, desert, beach and mountains all in one day.

Gillian, Master Aesthetician

Gillian is Foley Vision Center’s in-house Master Aesthetician, and she is the woman behind all of our incredible dry eye and aesthetic procedures. From your first consultation appointment, you will get to experience her bubbly and caring personality and know that you are in good hands throughout your procedures. Gillian enjoys helping patients feel more confident and beautiful, and wants to help patients see the beauty that she already sees in them! In her free time, she enjoys gardening, boating, and going on adventures with her dog, Lady. When asked what her #1 tip is for skincare and aesthetics, she said sunscreen. “Your medical aesthetic treatments are pointless if you’re not protecting your skin from the sun every single day! The sun triggers 80% of skin aging!”

Amanda, Ophthalmic Testing Analyst

Amanda is the newest technician at Foley Vision Center, and she loves the eyecare industry so much that she will be going to school next year to be an optometrist! She enjoys helping patients through their eye exam in order to give them the best vision possible, and she appreciates that the Foley Vision Center staff cares deeply for each patient during their time here. Her favorite thing about eyes are the OPTOS photos because they are unique to each individual. In her free time, Amanda enjoys writing poetry, hiking, baking sweets, and playing her many musical instruments (flute, piano, ukelele, and organ!). She hopes to one day see the Pyramids of Giza and swim with whale sharks.

Sammantha, Optician

Sammantha has been working in the ophthalmic industry since 2013 and is a certified paraoptometric (CPO). Her favorite experience is finding the perfect pair of glasses for patients that have had cataract surgery. The look on their faces after receiving those glasses is priceless! Born and raised in Eugene, Sammantha enjoys running, hiking with her dogs, and spending time with her three adult children. She hopes to one day travel the world and dispense glasses to people who are less fortunate that can’t receive them. When asked what her spirit animal is, she says she relates to a bear because they are observant, independent, and a bit of a perfectionist.

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