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July 2021 Virtual Event: Foley’s Mid-Summer Fabulous Facials and Skincare

Watch the recording below as Dr. Foley joins the Foley Vision Center Team and skincare specialist Tina to talk about new additions to skincare and our new aesthetic procedure…facials!

Let’s talk about facials. 

Did you know that the same inflammation that causes dry eye and ocular surface disease can also cause inflammation in the skin? You’ve heard of this before…rosacea. This dreaded condition flares when you least expect it and at the most inopportune time. Foley Vision Center’s facials are manufactured specifically for this chronic inflammation by pulling heat and redness from the skin. These facials are 100% vegan, plant based, and safe for everyone (including pregnant and breastfeeding individuals). Over 99% of the ingredients are organic and includes natural ingredients like hibiscus, rose oil, and more.

When you receive your facial, our in-house aesthetician Gillian will prep your skin with a professional-grade exfoliation. Instead of harsh chemicals that can aggravate the skin, this exfoliation uses active enzymes that eat away dead skin cells while leaving healthy tissue alone. Paired with specific massage techniques, these facials will flush out rosacea and bring new blood and oxygen into the tissues. 

For those patients who don’t have rosacea, these facials are still perfect for you. Each facial is customizable for your skin goals, and you will work with Gillian to perform and establish your treatment plan. The facial skin is constantly being attacked by outside elements that break down the skin barrier and harm our natural flora, so Foley Vision Center facials use probiotics to restore this barrier and balance the skin flora. If you are doing other procedures (radiofrequency, photofacials, etc.), regular facials are key to maximize the treatment effect and receive the best results.

During your consult and appointments with Gillian, a skin analysis will be performed to understand exactly what your skin is missing, what skincare you should be using, and what facials will meet your goals to give you that beautiful, healthy glow.

During the event, Foley Vision Center launched a new Core 4 skincare bundle to repair and protect the skin barrier. The three best skincare products to retain healthy skin and fight aging are: 

  1. A quality Vitamin C serum
  2. A quality retinol
  3. A quality SPF

Each of these are included in the Core 4, as well as a pharmaceutical-grade moisturizer to restore your skin barrier. Watch the recording below to learn why each of these products are so important for your skin.

Call Foley Vision Center and treat yourself to proper skincare and a facial this year. As Amy wonderfully said, “Self-help is just as important as your mental health and your overall health.” We host virtual events on the last Wednesday of every month, so watch our website and social media for the next sign-up link!

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